When you arrive you will be asked “How do you plan to worship today?”  

1.    Drive In:  Stay in your car, roll down your windows and listen to the service while maintaining social distance.

  • Worship will take place on the lawn in front of the church.  If you park in the “DRIVE-IN” section, please remain in your car for worship.
  • You will be dismissed first in order to provide a safe exit for those on the lawn.


2.    On the Lawn – LAWN Section:  Bring your own chairs or blanket and find an empty circle marked on the front lawn.

  • Households may sit together.  However, outside of your household we ask that you to find a different circle to maintain social distancing marked for your safety.
  • Face masked are recommended, but not required for outside worship.
  • We will dismiss the congregation by circles to allow for safe distancing in exiting.

PLEASE ARRIVE EARLY:  This will allow time for everyone to get set up.  Service will begin promptly at 9:30am and will conclude no later than 10:15am.


1.    Will Woodland have service in the sanctuary?

  • Woodland plans to do outside worship only until further notice.
  1.   Will you collect offering?
  • We will have a bucket available for you give from your car as you arrive or leave.
  • Mail your check to Woodland:
    Woodland Baptist Church, 4434 Thomas Nelson Highway, Arrington, VA 22922
  • Set up an automatic “Bill Pay” option through your financial institution (most banks will allow you to do this online). All you need is the church name & address (see above)! You can choose to do a one-time payment, or you can set up reoccurring payments.
  1.  Will the bathrooms be open?
  • The double doors on the playground side of the church will be open to the restroom for emergencies.
  1.  What if part of my family wants to remain in the car and the rest sit on the lawn?
We will have a few parking spots available for this particular purpose.  Just let parking attendant know your intentions.  Your family will be able to sit in the circles directly in front of your car.