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The Mays family lost everything last week in a house fire due to a lighting strike.   At this time the family can use clothes.  Until they find a place they do not have anywhere to store large items.    They are also looking for a place to rent would like to stay in their current area if possible for school.  (Rockfish Valley School)   Below is a list of sizes:

Men:  All wear the same size including the oldest child:        Pants 34 – 32   Large shirts (They like t-shirt style).   Shoes 10   Underwear 34 – 36 Boxer style

Debbie:  (Grandmother) Pants 20, X-Large Top (Pullover style) Shoe 10

Judy:  (Daughter)     Pants 8, Medium Top (Likes T-Shirt style) Shoe 9 ½

Children:   All boys.   Pants & Tops Size 8 or Medium Shoe 7

Diapers Size 6    2 T  Shoe 8

*If anyone can help please drop items off at church and let Sue Brewer know and she will take care of delivering to the family.