Daily Devotional
By Jon Swanson
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Did You Miss Me?
Seek the Lord and his strength; seek his presence continually! Psalm 105:4
Last week caught up with me and I failed to make time to write my Pastor’s Page. I am not sure if you missed it or not. Part of me kind of hopes you did. I pray God is using my life story and specifically my time on the trail to speak into your life journey.
Regardless, what I do know is that God misses it when we don’t spend time with him. We read in Psalm 105 a song of Thanksgiving from David where he aspires to seek the Lord continually. God desires us to seek and spend time with Him. When we do not include God in our day I am convinced God misses us. We were created to be in relationship with God. When we are not in continual relationship with God – we fall short of God’s plan and God’s blessing for our lives.
You should know, when we choose not to spend time with Him, He is still there…waiting.
Think about it… • Have you included God in your day/week? I don’t mean by doing this devotion. I mean have you allowed God to interact with you throughout your day/week? • God will not force you to spend time together. But He does desire it. He wants to show you how to navigate the challenges of the day, embrace opportunities to grow, and receive His blessings. • God is waiting – right beside you. Ask God to show Himself. He will! Probably not as a physical body, but He WILL make you aware of his presence. • God is an active part of your day already. I pray you will experience his hope, peace, love and joy today. Surrendering to Christ, Greg