Daily Devotional
By Jon Swanson
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Freedom through the Holy Spirit
Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom. 2 Corinthians 3:17
So last time I went on the trail we took our dogs. We had our dogs on leashes as you are expected to do on the trail, but one of them got away and ran up through the woods dragging its leash behind. We were not too alarmed initially, assuming he would simply loop around and meet us back on the trail. But as time went on, we walked further and called his name, he did not show up. It began to get dark. We began to worry. Then finally from a distance we could hear something coming up the trail. Gradually we made out the shape of our family pet coming up the trail.
Soon it became evident why he had not returned to us. There was no leash. The dog had obviously caught his leash on something and could not get loose. He had to physically break his leash in order to get free. It saddened me to think what our dog must have felt as we stood calling him. He no doubt wanted to get back to us, but he could not.
We have things in our life that will hold us back from God such as self-doubt, past regrets, unhealthy relationships, and sinful habits. The difference is God will not stand at a distance and call out our name. God knows exactly where we are. He comes directly to us and will reach down to us set us free from ANYTHING that is keeping us from Him as long as we will allow it.
Think about it… • Do you feel as though God is constantly by your side? If not, I can promise you it is not because He left you. It is because we have left him. • What is holding you back from walking daily side by side with God? Do you want to be free from it? Ask God to set you free. He will. • Make the decision today that will put you on the path walking side by side with your Savior. Surrendering to Christ, Greg